Newly Launched for 2024 – Athena Retreat

If you have attended a previous Athena Women’s Leadership Programme over the years, enjoyed the Who-I-Am stories and would like to explore that further to understand how we are showing up today, then the Athena Retreat is for you.

Do you…
– Have difficulty saying ‘no’?
– Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’?
– Have sleepless nights catastrophising/over thinking a presentation or important meeting the next day?
– Explain away your successes?
– Live with a fear of being exposed?
– People please at your own expense?
– Experience toxic stress?
– Talk yourself out of an experience or opportunites?
– Self-criticise even when you do something well?

If any of the above resonates, sign up to the Athena Retreat (facilitated by Training & Learning Solutions and Recentre Limited) where we will explore the root causes of this thinking and these behaviours in a safe and supportive environment, away from it all.
We will examine the current impact on how we are showing up in work and our lives and discover tools to resource our healthy selves to create the future we want.

Dates: 10th & 11th Feb 2024
Venue: Drumalis House Retreat, Larne
Cost: £275pp (All meals and overnight stay included)

Limited places left at this offer price for the inaugural Athena Retreat.

Get in touch ASAP and and secure your place now!

To download brochure click here

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