The Power of Diversity



Research suggests that increasing the diversity of leadership teams promotes more innovation and improved business results and performance.  For many, the toughest leadership and client-delivery test is now looming: how to maintain a culture of collaboration, innovation and teamwork in an environment where economies are still reeling, and work practices are being reshaped.  In these uncertain times, where individuals and businesses are being challenged to adapt to current conditions, leading and guiding others inclusively is more important than ever.

Organisations and leaders need to change how they think about diversity.  A new approach is required.  Only those companies that transform continuously will remain competitive and stay ahead.  So, the ability to adapt is the single most important skill.  That starts with people.  Successful transformation depends crucially on whether leaders have the right mindset and skills.  The more diverse the workforce, the greater the need to be able to lead inclusively.


At the end of this programme, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognise the powerful business case for diversity
  • Explore the drivers for change that necessitate a more diverse & inclusive culture
  • Understand the concept of diversity & inclusion
  • Define micro-behaviours and micro-inequities and their workplace impact
  • Acknowledge the different biases that exist and our own unconscious bias
  • Lean into confronting these behaviours with awareness and reflection
  • Take accountability, ownership and action
  • Create a culture of trust and respect through psychological safety
  • Recognise the leadership behaviours that foster trust and build a more inclusive environment.


Module 1 – Changing the Narrative around Diversity & Inclusion

Module 2 – Recognising Micro-Behaviours & Inequities

Module 3 – Revealing Unconscious Bias

Module 4 – Create a Culture of Trust through Psychological Safety

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