Leading Distributed Teams

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Businesses are recognising that managers and leaders, especially those who operate in the global market, need specific skills and qualities such as coping with ambiguity, having clear and effective interactions and making decisions in unfamiliar environments. This is particularly relevant in the IT sector where teams are often no longer located in one geographical location, and where leaders are often remote to some or all of their team.

Leadership can be the difference between connecting with your staff or not.

Delivered through a combination of classroom based training and coaching – our programmes will enable delegates to:

  • increase self-awareness with a view to choosing leadership behaviours to match the day to day challenges they face.
  • increase understanding of their staff, enabling them to choose the appropriate leadership behaviours to build resilient teams.
  • maximise the full potential of their teams by ensuring that everyone contributes to the best of their ability by providing effective feedback and coaching
  • create and develop a personal brand and build a collaborative network across their organisation.
  • encourage self reflection and personal action planning

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