Athena Women’s Programme

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One of our attendees, Chloe McAree writes about her experience on our latest Athena Program hosted at Allstate NI

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“This is exactly the type of course I was after! Engaging, thought-provoking and plenty of fun. Sandra was the perfect example of a trainer; extremely accommodating, knowledgeable and easy to follow. She made you feel comfortable to get involved and share your personal stories and examples. For hours afterwards I found myself on a complete high, feeling utterly empowered and positive!”
Cathy McGarry; Communications Officer, The Special EU Programmes Body.
“This was a session full of powerful scenarios and takeaway strategies. It’s just what’s needed right now to help me design my future. One of my many takeaways was that you can lead from any seat, you need to be aware and proactive to manage yourself and your own brand, and the friendship and networking means the developmental relationships are continuous, rewarding and more importantly, enjoyable.”
Holly O’Hara, Lecturer at The Glasgow School of Art

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