Our Vision

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Our vision is to nurture and develop employees into an engaged and energised workforce.

We believe that training is an investment, and our clients expect to see a return on that investment. We also understand that participants become disaffected by training which does not relate to them in terms of context and content. Therefore our approach is one that responds and adapts to the learning styles and needs of the participants. Knowledge and skills are developed through active participation in the learning process, using group work, experiential learning, and real-life case studies.

The success of our Training is the result of our ability to provide work-based learning through experiential and reflective practice.

Why “reflective practice”?

Reflection is the element that transforms simple experience into a learning experience.  For knowledge to be discovered and internalised, the learner must test assumptions and hypothesis about the outcomes of decisions and actions taken, then weigh the outcomes against past learning and future implications.  This reflective process is integral to all phases of experiential learning – from identifying intention and choosing the experience, to considering pre-conceptions and observing how they change as the experience unfolds.  Reflection is also an essential tool for adjusting the experience and measuring outcomes.

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