Team Building

business teamwork concept with goldfishes together

It is no longer a question of should we have teams, but how fast can we develop them and replace the marginally effective groups of the past? Today it is clearly understood that teams are needed to attain quality goals, solve complex problems, and design more efficient systems.  Individuals working alone or within ineffective groups are not able to achieve at the level required to survive in today’s global economy.  So, why teams?  What is it about teamwork that has persuaded nearly three-quarters of the top British companies to adopt team working?  The answer, is improved performance. Improved performance comes from the benefits of team working that both team members and their organisations can share.

We offer overnight packages offsite; to include a combination of theory-led sessions through classroom intervention, followed by task-orientated activities to reinforce learning.  We facilitate team feedback and review.

The activities aim to instil a spirit of team togetherness through exercises in communication, problem solving, trust and co-operation.

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